Jaguars vs Steelers

Jaguars vs. Steelers live stream: How to watch 2018 NFL playoffs online. It’s more than just a playoff game for the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose season’s mission has shifted since the injury to linebacker Ryan Shazier. With a new fury of motivation, the Jacksonville Jaguars should expect to face an energized Steelers team in the AFC Divisional Round on Sunday at 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS (live streams at CBS All-Access, Yahoo! Sports, and FuboTV).

Jaguars vs Steelers Live Stream

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Jacksonville’s defense has been the leading force behind the surprising postseason run for a franchise that hasn’t seen the playoffs in a decade. The formidable defense will go against one of its biggest challenges on Sunday, as the combination of Steelers’ offensive weapons is nearly second to none in the league. Aside from veteran (and Super Bowl winner) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh’s offense includes some of the top talent in the league, like Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell.

While the Jaguars’ defense should be up for the challenge, the real struggle for the Florida team will be how it performs on offense. Under the direction of QB Blake Bortles, the passing game has been subpar and the rush, though helped with rookie Leonard Fournette, hasn’t been able to break out big plays. The team has been able to rely on its defense and special teams to keep it in contests, but against a Steelers defense playing in honor of Shazier, the Jacksonville offense is facing an uphill battle.

A man in Texas is facing at least one felony charge after making a terroristic threat against players and fans who will be at Heinz Field for Sunday’s divisional round playoff game between the Jaguars and Steelers.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by ABC-12 in San Antonio, a man identified as Yuttana Choochongkol sent the threat to the director of security at Heinz Field and to television station KDKA in Pittsburgh.

In the written threat, Choochongkol promised to kill “Steelers football players and fans” during Sunday’s game.

“This Sunday’s playoff game in Pittsburgh is going to be like no other. Why? Because it’s going to be my last day on this pathetic planet, Choochongkol wrote. “So why not take some innocent lives with me? The Steelers game will be packed, and that’s when I plan on killing Steelers football players and fans before taking my own pitiful life. After all, what does a person that is going to commit suicide have to lose? Absolutely nothing. So why not take out some million dollar Steelers players before me? Sounds like a good idea. Hahahahahah”